Noh TriviaQuestion and Answer

Question7 What kinds of wigs are used in Noh plays?

Wigs in Noh plays are classified into two types: those worn on the head with hair hanging down, such as tare and kashira, and those attached and arranged each time, such as kami and kazura. In particular, kazura is a synonym for a wig used in Noh, and every female role uses one. Kazura was once made of human hair, but horsehair has also been used in recent years.

When you attach kazura, you first comb down its long black hair and part it in the middle. Next you arrange the hair to cover your ears, and tie it up behind your head. Then you tie a thin ribbon called kazura-obi over the hair.

There are two embroidered parts, one on the forehead and the other in the part hanging in the back of head. Though there are some exceptions, the color of the embroidery, either reddish or not, represents the age of the role, in the same manner as other elements of costume. The one with reddish colour represents a role of a young woman.


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