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the-noh.com endeavors to share with the world and aid in the development of Nohgaku, one of Japan’s proudest traditional art forms, and welcomes the sponsorship of everyone who wishes to support the website and its mission.

It is our pleasure to introduce here those individuals who have given their generous support to the mission of the-noh.com and express our sincere appreciation for their cherished contributions.

We have made the following online form available for inquires regarding sponsorship and donations to the-noh.com and thank you for your valued support.

Gold SponsorGold Sponsor

Mrs. Mitsuko Iijima Tokyo
Mrs. Yoshiko Mitsui Tokyo
Mrs. Yoriko Takeuchi Fukuoka
Mrs. Rie Okada Oita

Silver SponsorSilver Sponsor

Mr. Yosuke Ichikawa (CEO, Y’s Creative) Nagano
Mr. & Mrs. Shinobu, Katsuhiko Honda Tokyo

Bronze SponsorBronze Sponsor

Mr. Yuzaburo Yamaguchi Kanagawa
Mr. Hisashi Nishimura Tokyo
Mr. Koji Kimura Miyagi
Mr. Akihide Kimura Miyagi
Mr. Isao Saito Tokyo
Mr. & Mrs. Reiko, Nozomu Shinriki Tokyo

Zeami SponsorZeami Sponsor

Mr. Masataka Ueda Tokyo
Mr. Hajime Saito Chiba
Mr. Toshiharu Ami Tokyo
Mr. Kazuhiro Muto Tokyo
Mr. & Mrs. Sanae, Hidetsugu Okamura Tokyo
Mr. Shuji Mitsunaga Tokyo
Ms. Yuko Fukasaku Tokyo
Ms. Sook Hyun Lee Tokyo
Mr. Haruo Endo Tokyo

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