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A woman of Kyoto burns with jealousy and resentment that her husband has taken a new wife. She crosses the dark path over distant Kurama River to visit Kibune Shrine at 2 a.m.
A priest at Kibune Shrine tells the woman that in a dream he was given a message for her from an oracle. If she wears a red kimono, paints her face red, and puts on her head a kanawa iron trivet with fire at each of its three prongs, her request will be met.
That request is to become a demon and take her revenge. The moment she gives herself to the oracle, the woman’s beautiful black hair stands on end and her appearance changes.
The sorcerer Abe no Seimei meets her husband, who is troubled by nightmares, and learns of the former wife’s violent resentment. To rescue the man and his second wife from the death curse that stalks them, substitute figures are prepared and prayers offered.
Violent wind, rain, thunder and lightning herald the appearance of the malicious demon the woman has become. Flames blaze from the candles on the iron trivet worn by the monstrous figure.
The female demon marches to the prayer shelf at the husband’s bedside. To the substitute katashiro figure, she spews out words of fiery resentment that she was deserted.
Twisting its hair around one hand, she vengefully beats the doll representing the second wife. The demon’s fearsome figure is chased away by a prayer and disappears, but a lingering voice says she will be awaiting her chance.
Today, everything appears peaceful at Kibune Shrine.


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