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Plays DataBase Ataka : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Category The fourth group noh, zatsunoh (miscellaneous noh); genzaimono
Author Kanze Kojirō Nobumitsu (according to one theory)
Subject the seventh volume of Gikei-ki (Tale of Yoshitsune)
Season Spring (February)
Scenes maeba (first half of the drama) The barrier at Ataka in the Kaga region
nochiba (second half of the drama)
Tsukurimono none
Characters Shite (lead part) Musashibō Benkei
Kokata (juvenile actor) Minamoto no Yoshitsune
Tsure (the companion of Shite) (eight, nine or ten bit players), the followers of Yoshitsune
Omo-ai (main interluding cast) carrier in the group of Yoshitsune (footman)
Waki (supporting cast) Togashi
Ado-ai (other interluding cast) the follower of Togashi
Masks no mask (hitamen)
Costumes Shite tokin (a small, black headdress worn by mountain priests), suzukake (tufts for the costume of mountain priests), shima-mizugoromo (a type of striped knee-length kimono), kitsuke/ atsuita (thickly woven kosode type of kimono), shiro-ōkuchi (hakama in ōkuchi (wide)-style, white), koshi-obi (belt), a small sword, a fan, and Buddhist prayer beads. Later, holds a scroll.
Kokata tokin, suzukake, mizugoromo, kitsuke/ atsuita, shiro-ōkuchi, koshi-obi, a small sword, a fan, and Buddhist prayer beads. After the change of costume on the stage (monogi), a sedge rain hat, oi (a box that monks and mountain priests carry on their shoulders), and a stout staff.
Tsure Following the costumes of Shite.
Omo-ai tokin, kitsuke/ atsuita, kukuri-bakama (hakama with draw strings at the bottom), kyahan (gaiters), a small sword, oi, and rain hat with a stick.
Waki nashi-uchieboshi (eboshi-style warrior headdress), a white headband, tops and bottoms of hitatare (kimono for warriors), kitsuke/atsuita, komi-ōkuchi (hakama worn under another bottoms), a small sword, and a fan.
Ado-ai tops and bottoms of kyogen costume, kitsuke/shima-noshime (noshime style striped kimono), a small sword, a fan, and a sword.
Number of scenes one
Length about 1 hour and 30 minutes

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