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Spring at Mount Kurama in Kyoto. The mountain priest invited Ushiwaka-maru (Shanaō) to the famous cherry blossom spot to console him after they were shunned and left behind by the other priests and children at a blossom-viewing party.
The mountain priest introduces himself as the great tengu of Mount Kurama and tells Ushiwaka-maru he will teach him the secrets of warfare the following day. He disappears into the clouds.
A menial konoha tengu appears and reports that Ushiwaka-maru has learned all the arts of war under the great tengu. They have been told to cross swords with Ushiwaka-maru, but they look to retreat instead.
Without asking his master’s permission, Ushiwaka-maru decides not to go through with the face off against the konoha tengu. The great tengu is touched by this thoughtfulness and relates a story from China.
Zhang Liang was a vassal of the first emperor of the Han Dynasty and Huang Shigong was an expert in the arts of war. After Huang deliberately dropped his shoes, Zhang placed them back on the master’s feet. Following showing such consideration, Zhang was taught the secrets of war.
The great tengu says that, even with a rough master like him, his much-loved Ushiwaka-maru has followed in the footsteps of Zhang Liang, with mind fixed on the tyranny of the Heike clan. This spirit is praiseworthy.
The dignified appearance of the great tengu of Kurama.
Nothing was held back in his teachings to draw out the sharp skills of Ushiwaka-maru.
The great tengu says he will accompany Ushiwaka-maru like a shadow in his forthcoming battles with the Heike clan. He promises to support him.
He takes his leave of the sorrowful Ushiwaka-maru, soaring into the treetops of Mount Kurama at twilight and disappearing.
The remote Mount Kurama, where Ushiwaka-maru studied under the great tengu.
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