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Plays DataBase Momijigari (Autumn Foliage Viewing) : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Category the fifth group of Noh, kirinoh-mono, hataraki-mono
Author Kanze Kojirō Nobumitsu
Subject None
Season Autumn (September)
Scenes Maeba (first half of the drama) One afternoon on a certain mountain with beautiful crimson foliage.
Nochiba (second half of the drama) At night at the same venue.
Tsukurimono A mountain on an ichijō-dai (a wooden frame 6 feet in length, 3 feet 4 inches in width, and 8 inches in height, covered with gorgeous cloth), placed in front of large and small hand drum players.
Characters Mae-shite (first half lead part) a noble woman
Nochi-shite (first half lead part) a demon
Waki (supporting cast) Taira no Koremochi
Mae-tsure (companions of shite in the first half) retinues of the woman
Waki-tsure (the companion of Waki) a retainer (a servant holding his master’s sword)
Waki-tsure (the companion of Waki) beaters
Omo-ai (main interluding cast) a female servant of the woman
Ado-ai (other interluding part) the Deity Takeuchi
Masks Mae-shite Wakaonna, Zō, Manbi, etc.
Nochi-shite Shikami or Hannya
Mae-tsure Ko-omote
Costumes Mae-shite kazura, kazura-obi, karaori in “kinagashi”-style with scarlet color in the pattern, kitsuke / surihaku, and a fan.
Nochi-shite a headband with color, long red wig, awase-happi (lined happi-style kimono), kitsuke /atsuita, hangiri (a type of hakama), koshi-obi, and a stick for beating.
Waki nashi-uchieboshi, a white headband, chōken, kitsuke /atsuita, white ōkuchi, koshi-obi, and a fan. Carrying a bow and arrows at maeba and a sword at nochiba.
Tsure Similar to shite.
Waki-tsure tops and bottoms of suō (unlined hemp kimono for warrior’s daily wear), kitsuke / noshime without patterns, a small sword, and a fan. One serves to hold the master’s sword, and the others carry bamboo poles.
Ai binan-kazura (a white cloth to wrap around the head of a kyogen performer), kitsuke / nuihaku, onna-obi, and a fan.
Number of scenes two
Length About 1 hour and 20 minutes

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