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Plays DataBase Aoi no Ue (Lady Aoi) : Details StoryDataPhotoStory

Category The fourth group noh, zatsunoh (the others); Shūnen-mono, Inori-mono
Author Zeami
Subject the chapter of Aoi in Genji-monogatari (Tale of Genji)
Season Undetermined
Scenes maeba Lady Aoi's room in the estate of the Sadaijin family.
Tsukurimono Although this is not a tsukurimono, a kosode placed at the center front of the stage represents Aoi-no-ue in illness.
Characters Mae-shite (first half lead part) doppelganger of Rokujō-no-miyasudokoro
nochi-shite (second half lead part) doppelganger of Rokujō-no-miyasudokoro, female ogre
Tsure (the companion of shite) Priestess Teruhi
Waki (supporting cast) Yokawa-no-kohijiri
Waki-tsure (companion of waki) a courtier
Ai-kyogen (interluding cast) a servant of the Sadaijin family
Masks Mae-shite Deigan
Nochi-shite Han'nya
Tsure a mask for tsure, which is similar to what shite dons, such as Ko'omote
Costumes Shite kazura, kazura-obi (with scale pattern), hiramotoyui (folded paper string to tie the hair), karaori, kitsuke / uroko-haku (scale pattern), koshimaki / nuihaku (circle pattern), koshi-obi (scale pattern), and a fun.
Nochi-shite After the change of costume on the stage (monogi), the actor holds a stick for beating.
Tsure kazura, kazura-obi, white mizugoromo, karaori, kitsuke / surihaku, and a Buddhist rosary.
Waki tokin, suzukake, mizugoromo, kitsuke/atsuita with large check pattern, white ōkuchi, koshi-obi, a small sword, a fun, and a Buddhist rosary.
Waki-tsure hora-eboshi, awase-kariginu (lined kariginu), kitsuke/atsuita, white ōkuchi, koshi-obi, and a fan.
Ai kamishimo-style kimono with long hakama, kitsuke/dan-noshime (noshime style kimono with very wide stripes), a small sword, and a fan.
Number of scenes two
Length 1 hour

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